Auden Rubin




Woodstock Elementary School



The Forest Trees

I was in forest kindergarten and we put out buckets on sap trees to make maple syrup. A few weeks later we got out all the buckets and boiled the syrup. We had syrup tea and we got to bring home a little bottle of syrup. We made pancakes outside in the forest. We used syrup on top of it. It was delicious.

One time, we went to a river where there were hundreds of pine trees surrounding. We followed the river and went into great, rocky and foresty places. One person in my class fell into the water and got soaked. Well, we all pretty much did get soaked. We didn’t have our shoes on or our socks, so we were allowed to go in the river. I didn’t want to have my shoes or socks off. The stream was a long stream. We finally went back. It was so fun.

When I made my picture, I started with a brown little spot on a page to make these pine trees with a little owl in the night. I started to use a green paint and filled around the brown trunk. When that was done, I made nighttime with dark blue sky around. I drew an owl on a tree trunk with pencil. I colored it with the pastels. I did yellow eyes with black spots in the middle for the eyes. I colored the rest in gently black to make gray. I colored the beak the most so it would look right. I colored the rest of the tree trunk green for leaves. I started to make yellow spots as the starts. They needed more light so I blended them in. I did a circle with white pastel for the moon. I switched to paint and painted it in silver.