Course Materials

Overview of Course Materials

To make the most of our class time together, we have provided some course materials online. It's our hope that you will have time to view them before the class so we can spend more of our time together discussing the content. Don't worry if you have questions when viewing the material; there will be time in class to dive deeper (take notes though, so you don't forget). Thank you for taking the time to do the pre-work. We hope this leads to a positive learning experience. 

Course Modules: A, B and C

There are three course modules:

More simply, A is about finding information, B is about tools, and C is about putting A and B together, combining them with the realities of your community, and moving forward. Modules A and B are presented online and include videos for you to view in advance of the in-person class. The videos will take 1.5 to to 2 hours to complete but can be done whenever you have time before class. Module C will be delivered in class, but we have provided some additional materials to support this module to review when you have time.

Let's get started!

Online Modules: Complete these before the in-person class

Please view the modules in the order they appear since the information builds from one presentation to the next. But first, if you haven't watched the brief introduction video, view it now. It will help you navigate the course. 

Module A: Local Planning & Local Data

Module A includes one presentation that discusses the importance of planning, and taking stock of natural resources in your community. 

Module B: Ways to Maintain and Enhance Natural Resources

Module B includes three presentations that discuss where local actions fits with other state and federal regulations, and tools for taking action.  

In-Person Module: This can be reviewed after the in-person class

Module C: Taking Action

Module C will be presented in class, but we have provided some supporting materials for review before or after class.

We look forward to seeing you in class!

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