Public Tree Inventories

  • Hinesburg Public Tree Inventory under the Care of the Urban Forest Project

VT UCF's public tree inventory approach and tool have been developed to engage citizens in the care and management of their trees and forests, and help them to identify, prioritize, and take action on the management needs identified in their inventory.  Our Vermont Tree Inventory Guide highlights benefits and types of trees by tree inventories appropriate for VT communities and gives in-depth information on VT UCF's inventory system.  

Currently, the majority of VT UCF's tree inventory support of Vermont communities falls under two initiatives: the Care of the Urban Forest Project (information below)and ash inventories for community preparedness for the emerald ash borer.  As work on the Care of the Urban Forest Project wraps up in 2016, we are open to expanding our support for public tree inventories in Vermont to other communities based on a first-come, first-served basis.  

The Care of the Urban Forest Project

In 2012, VT UCF received a multi-year grant from the USDA Forest Service to assist twenty priority VT communities in completing a public tree inventory, developing a management plan or strategic action plan based on the results of the inventory, and training municipal staff in tree care practices.  Funding from this grant has allowed the VT UCF program to work with the Agency of Natural Resources' (ANR) GIS team to develop an innovative, map-based data collection program for tree-by-tree inventories.  Data collected through the program are available as an urban tree layer on ANR's Atlas online mapping tool.

VT UCF has worked with citizen volunteers, municipal officials, State Lands Foresters from the VT Department of Forests, Parks, & Recreation, and interns through University of Vermont's LANDS Program to collect, assess, and report on inventory projects. 

Completed Care of the Urban Forest Project Inventory Reports

Colchester (2012-2013)
Essex Junction (2013-2014)
Winooski (2014)
Shelburne (2014)
Northfield (2014)
Swanton (2014)
Johnson (2014)
Vergennes (2014)
Middlebury (2014) and Inventory Update (2016)
Bristol (2014)
Hinesburg (2015)
Milton (2015)
Rockingham (2015)
Springfield (2015)
Lyndonville (2015)
St. Albans City (2015)
Brattleboro (2015)
Barre City (2015)
Newport City (2016)

Additional Public Tree Inventory Reports

Plainfield (2015)
Chester (2016)
Stowe Village (2016)
Waterbury Village (2016)
Windsor (2016)
Charlotte (2016)

How to View Tree Data on VT Agency of Natural Resource's Atlas Tool

  •     Using Explorer of Safari (Chrome does not work) go to the Agency of Natural Resource's Atlas Tool
  •     Zoom in to a town whose public trees have been inventoried using our tool; the layer won't show up until zoomed in pretty close.
  •     In the pane on the left of the screen click for the "map layers" tab at the bottom.
  •     Expand the "Forests, Parks, & Recreation" heading.
  •     Click on "Urban Tree Inventory" and the trees should all show up. 
  •     Zoom in and right-click on any individual tree and click on "What's here";  a summary for that tree will show in the left pane of your screen
    • Click on the summary data for the tree in the left pane and a new window will open with all of the data collected on that tree. 
    •  There are three tabs "Details", "Attributes", and - if a photo was taken - "Attachments".